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Your clients are your company's management and inventors. Have you ever wondered where your inventors get their patent training? Have you ever experienced loss of IP? Have you ever tried to track down how it happened, only to unearth misunderstandings about patents? Have you ever had difficulty in explaining where and how the right patent processes should be embedded with the New Product Development process?

The Patent Ready® book can help in your patent conversations with the stakeholders of these other departments, for example as you explain the necessity of your patent strategies to Senior Management, or as you integrate patent considerations into the business processes of the New Product Development process with Project Managers. You may appreciate that this book punctuates important discussion points with drawings, so you can succinctly make the right point to the right person at the right time. Moreover, you can consider how you might train engineers with no patent experience using the Patent Ready® book.

Patent Ready is an excellent book for in-house patent lawyers. It sets out the business considerations for patenting in a clear and easy to understand manner, which makes them easier to explain to business clients and a useful orientation to patent lawyers with only law firm experience. The tables and figures are very helpful in this regard. Another very nice aspect of this book is that it provides a solid framework for in-house patent lawyers to train project managers and engineers on the patenting processes, and on how to review patents for infringement/non-infringement.

Lawrence E. Lycke
Senior Patent Counsel
Physio Control, Inc.

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The Patent Ready® book will not replace a patent attorney; more specifically, it will not help one make legal determinations that pertain to one's specific facts.