Patent Ready®: Introductory Book for Executives, Managers, Engineers & Others (v1.1), 266 pages, US$34.95
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Written for Patent Introductions, Inc., by Gregory T. Kavounas, US Patent Attorney, MBA

Patent Orientation for professionals

Patent Ready® is a book about patents written for diverse stakeholders of a company that makes or sells products. It teaches just enough patent basics so that one can understand typical patent strategies that companies use, and business processes to execute these strategies.

More particularly, this book introduces Patent Systems at the national and international levels, and shows how these Patent Systems create patent business risks and opportunities for a company that makes or sells products. Then it explains where these patent business risks and opportunities may impact the Business Analysis Review of a company's contemplated new product - the very review that is used for determining the product's projected Net Present Value (NPV). The book then teaches typical patent strategies that companies use to mitigate these risks and execute on these opportunities, in conjunction with developing the new product. These strategies are useable by stakeholders at the executive level, at the project manager level, and at the individual engineer/inventor level. Further, it teaches practical patent knowledge and helps the reader develop patent-working skills, of the type that engineers are expected to have and use in helping with executing these patent strategies.

PATENT READY® is the perfect book to read before engaging a patent attorney, as it provides many basics. Plus, it provides answers to many initial "what-if" patent questions that frequently arise within companies. The book uses over 50 custom drawings that make these answers easier to understand - see their captions in the List of Illustrations. The book further has an index that makes it easier to locate answers to specific questions. These answers do not reach the level of legal advice, but do warn of common pitfalls that cause future legal rights to be lost.

PATENT READY® is also a valuable guide for learning about patents, whether for self-study or in a guided course. Someone who has read it can refer to it for many years.

Having "Patent Ready" as a convenient reference is like having a "User's Manual" for the United States patent system (as well as the corresponding systems of other countries). It covers the subject very thoroughly; and yet, it should be understandable to company executives, managers and engineers who have no particular background or experience with the patent law. Greg Kavounas' use of Figures in Patent Ready to illustrate the subject matter being discussed provides clarity and serves to enhance the reader's understanding of a somewhat complex subject. Mr. Kavounas' coverage of strategies, opportunities and risks brings to the reader's attention real world considerations that must be dealt with in order to optimally navigate through the patent system.

Norman Zafman, Founder
Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP

Disclaimer: The Patent Ready® book will not replace a patent attorney; more specifically, it will not help one make legal determinations that pertain to one's specific facts. Downloading or using the free materials does not form an attorney-client relationship; these materials may be used for preparation in dealing with one's own patent attorney, if that patent attorney agrees.