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Selected Diagrams:

FIG. 1A. Patenting in the USA

FIG. 2B. Your Company's Product Competes Against Products of Rival Companies

FIG. 2C. Company Competition in Market Plane and in Patent Plane

FIG. 2D. Patent Business Risks and Patent Business Opportunities

FIG. 3B. Some Patent Business Risks, and Basic Strategies to Mitigate Them

FIG. 3H. Cut-Off Effect: Patenting Prevents Renewal of Patent Business Risk PBR-1

FIG. 6A. Typical Event Time Line for Patent (Non-US Plus Most US: Publish while Pending)

FIG. 6D. Typical Patent Race between Rival Companies for the Same Invention

FIG. 8E. The Level of Confidence in the Reliability of a Patent Search When Seeking Clearance Improves with Resources & Effort

FIG. 9C. Differences between Inventions for Patenting and Science Papers for Publication

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